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Emergency Appointment in Calcutta

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  • Emergency Appointment in Calcutta

    I have been living in US for the past 8 years. I am traveling to India this weekend for 15 days to visit family and my mother who is not doing well. My H1B visa in the passport has expired as of Apr 2005. To get back into US, I need to get my H1B visa stamped (revalidated). I have my 9th year I-797 valid until April 2007. As I am a returning worker, on VFS website, I chose the emergency appointment and opted to take the interview in Calcutta on Mar 29 2006 since this was the earliest date available when I checked all four consulates.

    My question is - Did I do the right thing by scheduling an emergency appointment in Calcutta although my permanent residence in India is in Chennai?

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    A response is highly appreciated..... Thanks!