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H1B transfer status question

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  • H1B transfer status question


    I am in company A with valid H1 till Sept 2018 and approved I140. My wife also has H4 EAD till Sept 2018.

    Now company B is filing my H1 transfer with extension till 2019. They have also applied for H4 EAD extension till 2019 along with my H1 transfer.

    I have two receipt numbers, one for H1B transfer and another one for H4 EAD extension. While tracking status on USCIS, it shows that my wife's H4 EAD application "Case as approved" but when I check status of my receipt of H1 transfer, it shows that "Case is received".

    Can anybody please tell me if this is the normal scenario where H4 EAD case shows approved but H1 transfer still shows case received? Or is this the case to concern and there could be some problem with my H1 application?

    Application is under premium processing.