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2006 HIB quota is gone. what should I do?

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  • 2006 HIB quota is gone. what should I do?

    I am in one year optional practical trainning(OPT) which authorize me to work in the U.S. for one year.However, HIB quota for year 2006 has gone and I need to wait until October 2006 to apply for year 2007 H1B.But my OPT will be expire before 2007 HIB quota release, which means I am not allow to work after OPT expired till I receive 2007 H1B.

    My current job don't sponsor HIB for me so I have to find another job. my question is once OPT expired, can I apply for a language school, holding FI visa to saty in the U.S. until I find the job sponsor HIB visa ? Would that be illegal?

    My second question is if there any policy subject to extent OPT beyond one year so I can keep working for my current company and search for HIB job at the same time ? Thanks in advance for your advise.