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Overstayed on B1 unknowingly, affect on H1B

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  • Overstayed on B1 unknowingly, affect on H1B


    I have overstayed on B1 for 4 days unknowingly because of misinterpretation of the date of POE Stamp on my Passport.
    On B1 POE(port of Entry) officer stamped the entry and wrote the exit date ....which looked like 11-7-2014 (7th of nov as exit date) and i stayed till 11-06-2014.
    Now I have H1B Visa stamped and travel ready. While H1B was filed\applied i never disclosed that i over stayed on B1 as i didn't knew till date. Only came to know when i was preparing for H1B travel (because of a session which spoke about I94) . when i checked the I94 of my previous entry, it showed the exit date as 11-2-2014. The entry by officer was made such a way that it looked 11-7-2014

    What would be my position when i travel on H1B to the US now. Am I eligible to travel? Should i make any changes\amendments.
    My travel is planned in a weeks time.

    Please advice...

    Thanks in advance
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    Can someone help me with an answer please


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      What if I travel and if questioned at Port of entry let them know what happened?
      Will this be attracting serious consequences?