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  • help required

    Hi all ,

    I am new to this forum.
    I have a problem in my visa.
    My husband had studied in the USA and worked for one year in OPt nad came to chennai in december 2005 for stamping.We went for stamping H1/H4.But the lady visa officer questioned him on all and he had a nice bank balance/company photos and everything ad she couldn't say anything then said that his job title is system analyst but he has not has any subjects related to computers.He had three courses but the consulting company has given him a job title as system analayst whereeas he was actually working as a bussiness analyst.So my husband tried to convince her bys aying that he has sudied them on his own and all.But she made us wait for few minutes and put us on to other lady.That lady had nothing to say as we had everything in hand.So she also said the same reason and took bak his visa papers.

    WHat can we do now.Can we reapply with someother company.Will that again be a probem.We have (g) in our passsports.WHat does it mean.Where can we find the sponsors for H1 visa and is it worth doing again?please help us.

    Thanks and regards

    Ramya rangan

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    Please help

    Hi veena,

    I have seen you replying to many mails.Please help me out with my query.Please someone throw somelight on my issue.Please help .


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      While applying for h1b, you are certainly required to be in the same line as your education or relevant to your major work experience. If you do not qualify in computers(either in terms of eduction or experience), then it is the duty of the visa officer to revoke the petition, though the USCIS may have approved your H1B.

      The option you have now is to apply for a job in same line of prior work experience or educational qualification through another employer. Only if you qualify you can get your visa (esp at Chennai). If during the next US Visa interview, you are asked about the prior refusal, then you will have to do your talking. Make sure that the LCA and the offer letter describe your designation coreectly and relevantly.