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Applying COS to H4 and also my H1 Extn close to the same time

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  • Applying COS to H4 and also my H1 Extn close to the same time


    I am currently on H1B visa with a valid date till July 22nd 2016, my max out is till Dec 2017, so I will start my extension of visa in the month of Feb 2017, and get it in PP to have the approval on hand by Mar 2017.
    In the mean time, as I cannot work beyond end of 2017, I am planning to do COS to H4 along with EAD, which should be applied along with my spouse's H1 right now in December 2016.
    So below are my questions:
    a. So COS to H4 along with EAD will be applied in Dec 2016, can I apply for my H1 Extn in Feb 2017 without any issues?
    b. If "a" is fine, then as I will do my H1 extn in PP, I believe that will get approved before even my H4 get approved, so once my H4 get approved sometime later, will my status automatically change to H4
    c. Am I legal to work on H1 until my H4 get approved, I am planning to continue with the same employer with H4 EAD, assuming my EAD will also be approved around the same timeframe on when my H4 get approved
    d. What is adviced for this scenario, how this should be handled?

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    Any quick reply is really appreciated