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  • F1 to H4 transfer

    Dear Friends,
    I have been on F1 Visa for last 8 yrs. I completed my masters degree , took training (with out any pay) in OPT period and started ph.d program. i worked for 6 yrs and due to insufficient data, I have got a red tape on my file and I have been rejected the i20 . So, I appealed to the provost and the process is going on. Meanwhile I got married in India and I'd like to go back on h4b and I am worried about the interview.

    What kind of questions about me and my education can I expect in the interview, even if I have all the documents of my spouse?
    would there be a problem if i say that , I'd like to go back and finish my program? but i still dont have an I20.
    would the officer ask about any copies of appeal mails?
    would the officer ask anything about my tax-returns and my OPT details?

    thankyou for the time