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Help , Got DUI and now worried

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  • Help , Got DUI and now worried


    In my 7 years in USA , I had never done drunk driving, only day i did was due to an injury and got arrested. I am on H1b and now freaking out. They took away my license but on DMV site there are no suspensions shown. My court date is in on Feb 14th. I have few questions and hope someone can help me out

    1) Should I tell my employee abt DUI because if I have to go for stamping they would come to know.
    2) Most here are questioning abt revocation and if that happens, what is the next step , I guess we are legal to stay here . right?
    3) I have my marriage in June and not sure how to handle for that
    4) What the difference between restamping and stamping. I already got stamping done this year and its valid till Feb 2019.

    My BAC level was 0.14, not a regular drinker , once may be in a month ad now I am never ever ever gone touch alcohol again . I am just freaking out and sometimes in tears for the mistake I did.

    Never did anything wrong , never got a ticket and screwed up this way

    Please help


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