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H1 amendment has approved after changed to H4 Visa

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  • H1 amendment has approved after changed to H4 Visa

    I have my H1 B valid till 2018 but recently I have changed my visa in India and got my h4 visa stamped and returned US on H4.

    I have not initiated any change of status from H4 to H1 however recently I have received letter from USCIS that H1 B amendment has approved (which I have applied almost 11 months back while I was joining a new project) with new I 94 stating my h1 amendment is valid from Dec 2016 till Oct 2018.


    1. Currently, am I on H4 or H1? If I am on H4, how about the new I 94 issued by USCIS with the amendment?
    2. If I don't take any action on H1. Will my H1 get cancelled by my employer/USCIS? Then do I need to apply for new h1 petition and go through the lottery system again?
    3. As I have valid h4 visa stamped on my passport till 2018, can I work on the latest I 94 issued by USCIS?
    4. How long does Homeland Security takes to update status to USCIS? (I got my h4 stamped just 3 months ago)