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H1B visa experience in Singapore

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  • H1B visa experience in Singapore

    Hi Folks ,

    Just want to share my Experience in Singapore Embassy for H1b NIV.

    Booked an appointment at 9.45 Am 03 Jan 2016 .

    Please be there just before 15 m , they won't allow till the appointment time you need to sit outside.

    Went in at 9:40 and gave my Finger prints and immediately stood in visa interview line.

    VO : Good morning
    me : Good Morning

    Vo : your passport and I797b pls
    Me : gave my passport and i797b

    Vo: which location are you traveling ?
    Me : xxx state and xx city

    Vo : your designation and roles
    Me : Explained him my roles In two lines .

    Vo : your visa is issued and collect after 3 Biz days .

    Less than 5m I finished my interview just be confident and answer.

    All the best folks