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Can I apply for SSN after getting H1B approval

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  • Can I apply for SSN after getting H1B approval

    I am in USA on H4 visa and recently my H1B get approved. Currently I am looking for jobs and some consultancy asked about SSN number for accepting job application.
    I am not sure if I can apply for SSN for just on approval. if I will go for applying SSN, what document will be needed I have my passport and H4 stamped, h1b approved petition. Is there is any other document needed.

    If I apply for SSN now without getting project, Do I have to go for change of status immediately or I can wait for getting project and the go for CoS.
    Apply SSN without having project is safe? or is there are any other thing which I need to take care before applying SSN.

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    You will apply for an SSN with your H-1b I-94. If your did Change of Status in the US, the approval notice should come with a new paper I-94. I am not sure what you mean by apply for jobs as you must be sponsored by an employer for H-1b. You shouldn't need an SSN to look for jobs; you just need to have applied for an SSN when you start working.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.