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[URGENT] H1B transfer without payslips

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  • [URGENT] H1B transfer without payslips

    My current employer has been irregular with my paystubs/payslips. I have not received any salary or payslips since last 3 months.

    I have managed to get an offer from a reputed company (one of big 4) willing to transfer my H1B visa. But as per the transfer process i need to have current/latest paystubs, which i do not have, the latest payslip that i have is for sept 2016.

    I tried to convince my employer to release my payslips but he is being very negligent about it and is just ignoring it. I have been pushing him hard but no good.

    The only option I researched was to file a WH4 complaint to DOL, which would provide me with a letter that I can use to justify the missing payslips for the transfer process. I was expecting an acknowldgement from DOL within 10 business days. However, I have not yet received any case number or acknowledgement letter which can be provided to my new employer.

    I would appreciate if the following questions are answered -

    1. Has anyone filed a complaint with DOL for payslips earlier? If yes, what was the timeframe for acknowledgment?

    2.Are there any other options in my case?

    3. Since the new employer is a reputed firm i am hesitant to inform them that i do not have latest payslips.
    Would it harm the opportunity if i inform them in worst case scenario ?

    4. Is there any other way which i can use to convince my current employer to get my latest payslips out?

    5. I have provided the new employer with mu payslips until sept 2016, would that work or will they need latest payslips ?

    Thanks for reading!