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  • Multiple H1B

    My situation:

    For H1B lottery filing , my employer A is filing the visa and I intent to continue working for employer A in the future.

    Since Lottery is so unsure , to improve my chances , I am planning to file another H1B visa through employer B also.

    If I do not get selected for Employer A lottery and get selected for Employer B lottery , I plan to use Employer B's H1B to be ported over to Employer A , since I intend to work for Employer A.

    I am on OPT EAD. Suppose I get through Employer B lottery and not Employer A lottery , then post July I will be on the OPT Cap Gap period.

    My questions are :

    1. Can I continue to work for Employer A in the Cap Gap period (even though my H1B lottery got selected through employer B) ?

    2. For the months of July-Sep , I also want to use the time to tell my Employer A about the other H1B and ask them to use the other filing to transfer it to my name (is this doable while I am in the USA ?)