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H1b extension receipt number usage in transfer

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  • H1b extension receipt number usage in transfer

    Hello Experts,

    I got an offer from a good company and joining them after h1b transfer petition is filed. As of now, new employer has received LCA certification.

    My question is : my current employer has filed for extension and decision is still pending. My new employer is planning to file the transfer petition early next week.. there was miscommunication from my current employer about receipt numbers.. instead LIN as processing center, they had shared receipt numbers prefixed with EAC. Rest was correct. I had given incorrect receipt numbers for my new employer..

    I came to know about incorrectness today..so should i have to inform new employer abt this immediately? Do they use pending receipt numbers in the transfer?

    Please suggest. I don't want to create unnecessary confusion with my new employer..

    Thank you so much,