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H1B Visa Out of Cap eligibility

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  • H1B Visa Out of Cap eligibility

    I was in USA for the following period
    1. Blanket L1B visa from 08-08-2005 to 17-Nov-2007, then I went for 40 days vacation in India, again stamped
    2. Regular [Individual L1 visa] and travelled back to USA on 26-Dec-2007. When I was at USA I have applied H1 under cap and continued working on H1 visa from 14-Oct-2009 to 24-Jul-2011. I have completed total 6 years[4yerars on L1 and 2 years on H1] in USA from 2005 to 2011 both on L1 and H1 visa. My question is am I eligible to apply H1B visa under Out of Cap category now? As I have utilized only 2 years under H1b. If I am eligible is there anyway to get confirmation from USCIS?
    Visa Type Entry date Exit Date
    Blanket L1 08-Aug-2005 [Entry into USA] 17-Nov-2007[Exit from USA]
    Regular L1 [visa validity-23-Feb-2008-22-Feb-2010] 26-Dec-2007 [Entry into USA]
    H1B Cap [visa validity-14-Oct-2009-31-Jul-2011] 24-Jul-2011[Exit from USA]