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H1B Visa Administrative Processing Mexico City - No 221(g) given

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  • H1B Visa Administrative Processing Mexico City - No 221(g) given

    Hello everyone,

    I interviewed at US embassy in Mexico City to renew my H1B visa on 1/10/2017, but didn't get my visa stamp the next day as expected.

    Some relevant backgrounds: I renewed my F1 (OPT Extension) in Mexico City successfully in Jan 2015 and received my H1B visa stamp in my home country China in Jan 2016 and there hasn't been any issue for my Visa stamp application before. During the interview, the officer told me that the H1B visa status is good but there were some notes left on my F1 (OPT/OPT Extension) visa application that has to be fixed under the NEW policy. The officer asked me to provide my transcripts and diploma during my master's degree study in US and I also provided them with my resume. The officer said there is nothing to panic at this moment and enjoy your trip in Mexico City. She also said they've received all documents that are required.

    I don't believe I was given a 221(g) slip as I didn't receive any color slip with a number starting with 2017***. However, I did get a piece of paper indicating I'm under "Administrative Processing" and the officer checked the paragraph "If additional information is needed, an Embassy representative will contact you directly. Otherwise, please log into your account on the appointment website and watch for your DHL Waybill tracking number to be posted". I was also given a piece of paper indicating that I can pick up the passport with the visa stamp at the specified day written on a small purple slip, but instead of having a specific date the officer wrote "Will Call".

    Does anyone have similar experience before? How long should I plan to stay in Mexico City? Appreciate your help!

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    Also my current US visa won't get expired until 1/20/2017. If I can't receive my new Visa Stamp next week, can I just ask for my passport back and use the current unexpired visa to go back to US?


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      Visa Status changed to "Issued" on 01/20/2017.

      The people in the US Embassy of Mexico City are really helpful, they've sent couple emails to Washington DC to try to expedite the process and are highly efficient to print my visa out once it's approved. Otherwise, I might have to wait one more week to get my US Visa.