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Format to withdraw an application which is under 221(g) admin processing

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  • Format to withdraw an application which is under 221(g) admin processing

    I went for USvisa stamping for my E3 renewal with I-797 petition in Chennai India.

    Visa interview experience:

    Interview Time 09:30 AM
    Joined the line at 08:45 AM.
    Went to Window 15 Indian Lady asked for both passports(wife and mine) Then looked suspiciosly and asked for LCA and I-797. While looking at computer and documents she made a Red tic mark on passport latter asked us to wait for15 minutes.

    After 20 minutes got called to same window handed over all documents and asked us to give Finger prints in Window 18. Gave FP and joined the second line for actual Interview.

    One of the obby Assistant came and checked our passports and said you have a red tick on the passport, please go back to Window 15 and get a Green Tick mark before join this line. Went back to Window 15 and asked her to put green tick mark. She took my LCA and I-797 again and reluctantly puta green Tick mark.

    FInally joined the Visa interview line,Went window 25. VO asked only one question about employer and gave Yellow slip asked us to wait in lobby.
    Waited for 1 hour and got called to same window VO asked few more questions and made us wait in lobby again finally gave blue slip for 221(g) admin processing.

    It has been 15 days and didnt get any update on the status yet. Now i have secured another job offer in USA and would like to withdraw this application and re-apply for a new E3 visa under new employer.

    Can anyone help with the format on how to withdraw an application while it is under 221(g) admin processing. VO didnt ask for any documents.