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L1B to H1B Consular Processing Vs COS

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  • L1B to H1B Consular Processing Vs COS

    Hi Guys,

    Already I have L1B visa and I worked in U.S for more than a year on L1B. Now I am back to India from U.S and will stay in India as my project assignment completed in U.S. But my L1B is valid till 2018.

    So how do I need to apply for H1B if I find a sponsor? Do I need to apply for Consular processing or Change of Status? What is the difference between Consular Processing and COS? As I am staying in India, Am I eligible to apply for COS?

    I couldn't find the complete and clear information on the difference between these Consular Processing Vs COS. Is there any URL where I can find the information? Your help here is appreciated.

    Thank You.