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Is dropbox only way for children under 14 years of age?

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  • Is dropbox only way for children under 14 years of age?

    Hi Team,

    I applied H4 for my daughter based on my husband's H1 petition different from my employer. My husband petition was approved and stamped one and valid till 2019.
    I had scheduled stamping interview for myself(H1 ) and my daughter (H4 ).
    My petition went on 221g admin processing without even much questions and VO returned my passport as well as my daughter's passport .
    My daughter's petition also went on 221g also VO did not give 2 different blue slip. In one blue slip she tagged both of our application numbers.
    My employer withdrew my H1B due to long wait and We are planning to reapply H4 ONLY for my daughter as i already hold H4.
    I assumed that for the interview we as a parent can appear with kid to explain questions if at all any.
    But when i checked with USTRAVELDOCS customer care person no one will be allowed without appointment and mentioned children under 14 years of age should opt for drop box option to submit the docs if any doc/clarification needed then we need to appear in person for interview.
    Is this procedure true? Can anyone please guide me on how to proceed? Any inputs would be of great help!!!