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Job change in 6th year of H1 and I140

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  • Job change in 6th year of H1 and I140

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently into my sixth year of H1 and it will expire in Oct, 2017. I am currently working for employer A and I have an approved I-140 (PD 2015).

    1. If I wish to switch to employer B, can they use my approved I-140 to transfer and then extend my H1 for 3 years?

    2. As employer B will still need to start my PERM process again, does it give them enough time to do so before my H1 expires (Oct 2017)?

    3. In case my current employer decides to revoke the I-140, it has already been more than 180 days (from Mar 2016) since it has been in approved status.
    Does the new I140 portability rule mean that they cannot withdraw or revoke it?

    Please help.

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