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Improper filing of LCA by my previous employer

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  • Improper filing of LCA by my previous employer

    Hello All

    I was doing consulting earlier through a company on a valid H1 B, and few months back, I've moved out of the company to take up a full-time position in one of the US based companies with proper visa.

    I worked for 3 different clients when I was with my previous employer. He had actually filed my LCAs for those clients as Level 1 or Level 2 in all these positions where the actual work experience was over 5-7 yrs (ideally should be Level 3 or 4). Now there's an audit on my previous employer from DoL. I got interviewed and I clearly stated that my work levels are level 1 or level 2 exactly as filed in the LCA. They are doing more scrutiny. Just in case they decide that the LCAs were filed inappropriately, will it impact me in any way? I'm currently under a different company visa and moved out of the old company completely. Will that affect me in any way. All the LCAs were filed by my employer and he owns all that stuff.