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Applying new H1B while previous petition is in USCIS review

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  • Applying new H1B while previous petition is in USCIS review

    Hi folks,
    I came to India in June '16. Got 221G...status is still under admin processing and with USCIS for review.

    Meanwhile, I got a full time job with another company in US. They filed my H1B and it has got approved. Now need to go for stamping for my new H1B.

    I have a question regarding consulate appointment:
    1) Can I schedule the interview at any other consulate in India or does it have to be the one where I got the 221G?

    In DS-160 form:
    2) What should I write as my current employer?

    In DS-160, there is a field for current employer. What should I write there. Should it be my new H1B employer or old H1 company for which i received 221G? I am not working for any company in India currently. So should it be 'not employed'?

    If I say not employed, then what should be my previous employer end date?

    I have few more questions:

    3) Do I need to carry a letter to withdraw the old visa application? I read this somewhere in this thread. What are all the documents from old application that need to be carried along with?

    4) Do I need to tell the old H1 employer to write to USCIS to withdraw the previous H1B petition that was filed for me?

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions.