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H1B RFE Got rejected. Need info on MTR/RTR

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  • H1B RFE Got rejected. Need info on MTR/RTR

    Hi All
    In 2016 I got my H1B applied by a consultant. Although it got picked in the lottery but I got a RFE. My consultant replied for the RFE in Jan,2017. Few days back I came to know that the RFE got rejected. As per the denial letter from USCIS, the USCIS is not able to establish that who would control the employee.
    When I discussed with him about the RFE rejection he told me that he was not having the client letter when he replied to the RFE. But now he is saying that he has obtained the client letter and will get a MTR/RTR opened for my case.

    Now can anyone please help me with the following queries :

    1. What is the probability to get a MTR accepted?
    2. On an average, how long does it take to get the response on a MTR?
    3. Is there a way to get the MTR expedited (like Premium processing)?
    4. If the MTR is rejected, then can I apply again for the H1B in the coming year?
    5. If the MTR is rejected, then will there be any ill-effect on my H1B application due to it?
    6. Due to MTR, is there any way in which I can apply for H1 next year under cap exempt category?