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H4 Visa Alias name question - USA

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  • H4 Visa Alias name question - USA

    Hello All,

    Could you please answer the below question for USA H4 visa?

    my spouse name in Indian passport is like below

    Surname: XXXXX
    Given Name: YYYYY alias ZZZZZ

    but during the bio-metrics at VAC, they asked her to update DS 160 with anyone of the given names. So, she updated the given name in DS 160 as YYYYY and got the Visa stamped.

    So, Visa has the name like below

    Surname: XXXXX
    Given name: YYYYY

    How to give the name while booking the flight tickets, is it like in passport or Visa. Will she face any issue during the boarding?
    Also, will she face any issue at the port of entry or does she require any additional documents?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Any update would be appreciated please