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H4 extension and associated lawyer cost.

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  • H4 extension and associated lawyer cost.


    I have my H4 extension due in September 2017, along with my wife’s H1 extension.

    The company is going to apply for her H1 extension however I will have to pay out of pocket for my H4 extension. In my case I am going to prepare my own H4 extension form and request the lawyer to attach it along with her H1 extension to save out on the lawyer’s consultation fees. I will still be liable to pay H4 filing fees.
    We also planning for premium processing on the extension application of hers and that fees will be paid by us too.

    Considering that we already bearing the cost for premium processing in case of extension and my h4 extension fees, just thinking of possible ways in saving cost especially the lawyers consultation fees.

    Has anyone done the same and does the lawyer entertain doing this. Just wanted an opinion if someone has done anything similar.