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Joint application of EAD along with H1 & H4 extension

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  • Joint application of EAD along with H1 & H4 extension

    Currently, I am waiting on my wife’s PERM application, and once it goes through we will be applying for her i-140 in PREMIUM. We expecting that we should be having i-140 in hand by June.

    So I am thinking to wait for her i-140 to go through and then apply for both of our extensions in PREMIUM as well, having 3 months in hand until our current H1 & H4 expires in September 2017.

    My thinking is that we can apply for my EAD, along with the extension once we having the i-140 with us to fast track the process getting the EAD. Please let me know if I am missing anything here.

    I have three things in this regards:

    1) Is joint application for EAD along with the extension allowed? If yes, then

    2) Does this save any time when we doing it in premium processing? I believe that the EAD will be processed subsequent to the extension processing and there will be a time lag for the EAD to come through. Does applying for EAD in the premium processing along with extension helps or it’s no different than applying separately after receiving the extension. Let me know the time frame difference in both scenarios.

    3) If we applying together for both extensions along with EAD this June in PREMIUM, then is there a possibility that I might be granted and EAD based on the current H1 date which is September 2017? (This is not what I am looking for) OR will it be based on the freshly granted extension date?

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    Any help will be highly appreciated