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H1B revoked and applied for H4 Help

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  • H1B revoked and applied for H4 Help

    Here is my situation

    I completed my 5.5 years on my H1B visa and my i-140 got approved in May 2014. Now I came to bench and my employer fired me due to non-billable status and canceled my H1B visa. On March 1st 2017 I received SMS notification from USCIS regarding revocation of my H1B status. But my spouse was on H1B from employerB and is on project now. So I applied for H4 and waiting for getting converted to H4.I heard it will take at least 2 months before my H4 get approved by USCIS.

    1)Now what are my options to get back to H1B and start working again?

    2)As my employer revoked my H1B, does that affect my i-140 ?

    3)Many of my colleagues are suggesting me to get into a project and find another employer to file for H1B. Is this a viable option for considering the fact that my i-140 may also got revoked along with my H1B. Do you think it will be problematic to get back to H1B ? what are my options ?

    4) Do I need to travel back to India and reenter once my H4 is approved or come back with another H1B ?

    5)Any leagl problems as my current H1B is revoked and still waiting for H4 status?

    6)Do I need to consult any professional legal advice to make sure that I am not on illegal status now?

    Appreciate your suggestions

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