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H4 stamped followed by a h1 approval

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  • H4 stamped followed by a h1 approval

    Need some info regarding my wife status.

    Currently I am in USA on H1 from company A and recently moved to company B with new I797

    My wife holds a H4 visa(got it stamped when i was about to join company A) which was stamped on Feb 2015 and H1 approved petition(I797B) from November 2015.

    She has never been to USA. Below are list of questions which i need some help with.

    a) Is her H4 still valid as her H1 got approved later and if she can enter US using her H4.

    b) If she comes on H4 what will happen to her H1 will it be still valid?

    c) I am planning to go for stamping with new I797 and planning to come along with her. If she gets her H4 stamped again along with my H1 whats will happen to her H1 petition?

    d) With new rule of no premium processing for 6 months say if she comes on H4 and then if apply for a COS from H4 to H1 will she has to wait for approval to start working?