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H1B and H4 interview @Chennai

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  • H1B and H4 interview @Chennai


    Like others, my self H1B and my wife H4 had an interview @ Chennai US consulate. Below is how it went.

    05/03/2017 - OFC appointment. It went smooth without any issues.
    06/03/2017 - VISA interview @ US Consulate.

    For H1:
    1. Who is your petitioner?
    2. What is your role?
    3. What is you salary?
    4. Which place?

    For H4:
    1. How long you have been married?

    That's all. And he said "Your Visas are approved".

    For H4: On 08/03/2017 - Received and email and sms about H4 visa stamping is done and PP is ready to pick up.
    For H1B: Till today i.e. 09/03/2017 - Visa status online shows "Administrative Processing". And the last updated date is showing as 06/03/2017. It's the same day our interview was done.

    Any one have any idea about how long will it usually takes for H1B stamping to take place once H4 stamping is done.

    Kindly post your similar experiences here as to my case.

    Note: Actually, I had an old passport. However, it didn't contain any other stamping's in it. I didn't mention anything about it either at OFC or at Consulate and even the VO didn't ask about it. Is it what is causing delay in getting my VISA issues?

    Thanks in advance.