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H4 Processing for Stepchild

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  • H4 Processing for Stepchild

    I have a H1B and my marital status is single. I am marrying a Widow who is already having a 9 year Daughter.After marriage her daughter becomes stepschild and is entilted to get the H4 Visa as per US immigration Laws.I want to process H4 Visa stamping for both of them.I have below queries

    1) I want to know what should be the father name in Daughter's passport.Should it be Biological father or My name(Step Father)
    2)what are docs needed to process the VISA for the stepchild. ex: Birth Certificate etc.,Whether any additional forms needs to be filled along with DS160?
    3)Whether any specific proof are needed for showing that the kid is with me or wife's custody

    thanks .. Mani