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Change from L1 at Company A to H1B at Company B

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  • Change from L1 at Company A to H1B at Company B

    I had got a H1B approved from a Product company in US in FY 2015, i had it stamped as well and I have the approval notice too. I ended up not joining them as my current employer made a counter offer with an L1 visa and i took it. I am now in US since Mar 2016 working with my employer on the L1 visa. I recently contact the company which sponsored my H1B about a job opening and they said my visa is still good to use.

    What will be the procedure to do the conversion now?
    1. Should i resign from my current job, leave US and enter again using the H1B approval notice and the stamp.
    2. Does it need to be a change of status filing?

    Presuming the prospective employer has the necessary LCA for the new job. What other steps are required, will they file the necessary paperwork to amend my position, salary etc once i enter US again on the H1B and that should be it?

    Any pointers on the potential steps will be helpful.