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H1B transfer after H1B cancelled

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  • H1B transfer after H1B cancelled

    My latest i-797 was valid till aug 2017.
    But in Nov 2016,I became non-billable and my EmployerA terminated me.
    On Dec 2016 I applied for i-539 to vermont service center(change of Status to H4).
    On March 1st 2017 I received H1B revocation alert from USCIS.
    When I searched online for my i-94,it returned "No i94 records found".
    One employerC whom I spoke suggested that I may have to go for consular process due to the fact that I do not have a valid i-94.


    1)Considering the above points I mentioned above can any one help me understand my options to get back to my H1B status again?

    2)Now can I apply for H1 transfer through EmployerB ?