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Travel on STEM OPT and H1B applied.

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  • Travel on STEM OPT and H1B applied.


    I am currently on OPT STEM and it is valid till Oct. 2017 and my employer will be filing for H1B this year. I am planning to travel to India in the month of May-June 2017. I was planning to apply for premium processing, but that has been suspended recently. I wanted to to get some information and clarifications about my doubts below.

    1) I have heard that if I travel only the COS (Change of status) is abandoned and the H1B is still processed(approved/denied). Is this true and will that have an impact on my H1B filing?

    2.) If COS is abandoned, can I ask my employer to re-apply the COS?

    3.) If COS is abandoned and I cannot re-apply for it, will I be eligible for consular processing? If yes what then when should i apply for it?

    4.) Will I be able to entry the country on F-1 visa and SEVIS showing that I have applied for H1B?

    I would really appreciate your feedback to my queries.