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Query on H1B filing

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  • Query on H1B filing

    I have a query on H1B specialty occupation visa. I am an Indian citizen. My H1B visa was filed first time by company X (Indian company) in 2008. I was in India at that time. I left the company in 2010. I dd not travel to the US on the existing visa till that point of time. Then I joined company Y in India who filed a B1 visa for me. When my B1 visa got stamped successfully in 2010, the existing H1b visa was "cancelled without prejudice" by the US consulate. Now my current employer company Z is filing a fresh H1B visa for me.

    My question is, do I need to provide the details/i-797 for the first H1B visa filed by company X? Does the old i-797 still holds good for a revoked H1B?

    Also, any idea what was reason for the revoke of H1B in 2010? Was it requested by employer X? Seeking an immediate help on this.
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