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H1 to F1 to H1 while company dissolving

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  • H1 to F1 to H1 while company dissolving

    Hi everyone,

    I'm now facing a complicated issue and really appreciate all suggestions.

    I've worked on H1b visa for near two years (first term). I got admitted to a graduate program and will start class this coming August.

    I know that when I graduate, my new employer will file a petition for the H1b transfer. And my plan is to resign in June and go back to my home country for visa application and return back with F1 visa in August to start school.

    However, I just got to know that my company will dissolve in 2017. I don't know the exact date but the dissolution completion date should be after my intended resignation date in early June.

    In sum, the timeline will be: I resign in early June -- I apply for and get a new F1 visa in June/July -- I go to school in August -- my current employer dissolve in the 4th quarter of 2017.

    The process is normal except that my company will possibly go dissolved after I transfer to F1.

    So the question would be that if my current company's dissolution will jeopardize my future change of status from F1 to H1b? When I graduate from the graduate program, do I have to enter another lottery because of the dissolution?

    I really appreciate all your help. Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone experienced similar situation? Thanks in advance!