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Query on expired I94

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  • Query on expired I94


    My H4 is valid till Aug 2017, But my I94 was valid till Mar 06 2017. It was
    issued as per pass port validity. I got my passport renewed but could not
    file I94 extn by Mar 06. So I traveled out of country on Mar 07 (Stayed 1
    day out of status). Now can I reenter with current VISA as I stayed one day
    out of status?

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    No. If you stayed beyond the time on your I-94, that triggers INA 222(g), which means the visa you used to enter is automatically void, and you will need to get a new visa before returning to the US. Furthermore, you can only apply for US visas from your country of nationality from now on.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.