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H4 extension, H1 approval and gap

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  • H4 extension, H1 approval and gap

    I had my H4 extension and H1 filing last year, got the H1 approval first on same I94 and had to withdraw my H4 extension. The H4 expired 15 days before H1 start date. I couldn't leave the country as I had to join the employer for onsite job training for a small 6 month project that had to start on October 1st and no visa stamping dates were available before that date.

    Now I am traveling to home country due to family emergency. Since the project is over and don't have anything coming up in near future, i want to return back on H4 stamping(based on my souse H1 valid till Sept. 2019). Please advise what documents I need to carry for H4 stamping and explanation for the 15 days gap