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H4 I797A Petition in case H1 changes employeer

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  • H4 I797A Petition in case H1 changes employeer

    Myself currently on H1 while Comp A sponsoring my Visa. My wife also stays with me on H4.
    Currently both of our stamped visa got expired and we have valid extended I-797A and I-94 till mid 2019.

    Now I am in process of changing my job and start working with company B for which, I already got the I-797 Approval Notice valid till Feb, 2018.
    But company B did not file for my wife's H4 yet. So still she is having the I-797A and associated I-94 received from Comp A.

    So my question to the experts that is it good for my wife to stay with me as long I have a valid H1 or she need to apply for H4 with Comp B before i join Comp B?

    Also when we go for stamping with comp B in future will USCIS give us VISA(considering all goes good ) even my wife does not have any H4 petition linked with my H1 with Comp B?

    Thanks in Advance!