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H1b/H4 visa stamping interview with wrong tax return form-1040

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  • H1b/H4 visa stamping interview with wrong tax return form-1040

    Hi Friends,

    Hope you doing well. I have few questions regarding H1b/H4 stamping. I got married in Jan 2015. Wife came here on H4 visa and stayed with me in USA 1 yr. after that she went to India in Jan 2016 and we got divorce in Feb 2016 at India.

    I am planning to go India for remarriage in the end of this month. I got my W2 form of 2016 and I already filed it as married with filled jointly and got tax return 1040 form.

    Today came to know that I need to file my W2 as single (divorce) instead of married as I got divorce before Dec 2016. Based on that my tax return form 1040 has wrong information regarding my marital status. I need to pay tax as single person to IRS.

    I will amendment my tax return as single person after I came back from India.

    Questions are here.

    1. Will it create any issue during H1b and H4 stamping interview with my new wife? Will visa officer ask the questions like I got divorce last year so why do you fill your tax returns as married instead of single?

    2. Is there tax return documents 1040 form required in H1/H4 stamping?

    I will be appreciating if you can update me ASAP.

    Thank you