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H4 during H1 extension

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  • H4 during H1 extension


    My H1B visa end date is May 10 2017 and my employer has filed for extension in normal process on April 4th 2017. I have approved I140.

    My wife is in India and i am trying to get her to US. She has a stamped H1B petition and currently working for an employer in India. What are the options i have to get her here:

    1. Any possibility to file and get her H4 stamping done based on H1 extension receipt or approvevd I140 ?

    2. Apply H4 based on my previous valid petition which is till May 10 and get her H4 approved till May 10 and get her to USon or before May9 ?

    2. Applying tourist visa and once she gets here convert to H4 ?

    3. or wait till her employer send her to US and then apply change of status to H4 ?

    Any other suggestion will help.

    Thanks !