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Withdrawal of H1B amendment after amendment approval

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  • Withdrawal of H1B amendment after amendment approval

    Hello, I am in a situation as described by the following timeline:
    1. I got H1B from employer A(very well known tech company).
    2. I was working for team A1 of employer A and they issues an amendment to change my H1B employer to A1
    3. I took an internal transfer to A2 which is also a team of A but A2 requires my H1B to be A and not A1
    4. I asked lawyers to withdraw amendment of H1B that changes my employer from A to A1
    5. I started working for the team A2 since a month.
    6. Today I got an approval notice of the amendment of A to A1.

    What are my options here ?

    1. Does the withdrawal of amendment from A to A1 take time and will it still be processed after the approval notice ?
    2. Do I need to file a new H1B amendment with the employer changed back to A ?
    3. Can I still work in the team A2 with all this happening ?