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Change of status H1 to H4

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  • Change of status H1 to H4

    I applied for my wife' H1B on April 1, 2016, which got approved April 12, 2017. She was on H4 and now as her petition got approved, she is now on H1 status. She is pregnant right now and not able to find new project in this situation.

    1) She never worked so she doesn't have payslips. Can I apply for her change of status to H4 without payslip?
    2) In this situation, do I have to contact and file status change through lawyer only?
    3) As per USCIS instruction, I-539 checklist needs payslip. What should I do in this matter?
    4) In I-539 for
    Part - 2 > 2.a What date I have to mention? H1B approved date? Approved date is 4/12
    Part - 2 > 2.b Answer will be H4

    5) Is her legal status is safe rightnow as she is not working and we are planning to file status change soon.
    6) Can we file I-539 in premium processing?

    Please help.