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H1b transfer with Extension; I-140 approved

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  • H1b transfer with Extension; I-140 approved

    I have an H1b expiring in Dec 2017 and have an approved I-140 from current employer. My current employer will soon file for H1b extension of status.
    Currently, H1b transfer or extension of status applications are backlogged by 8+ months and premium processing in suspended.

    I know changing employer can have risks of H1b transfer denied and/or I-140 date not getting ported. But what are the added risks with the current suspension of premium processing and H application back-logs, if I change jobs now:

    Can the new employer file for transfer and extension of status together? Or will those have to be separate applications filed one after the others approval since the I-140 is from the current employer. I have been on H1b for 9 years already.
    How long does it take to port a previous employers' I-140 date? Can I still get an extension status while the new Perm application from new employer may still be pending or not yet filed?

    Is it safer to wait out till Dec2017 and get an H1b extension of status and then change employer next rather than make the change now?