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Spouse travel during h1b transfer

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  • Spouse travel during h1b transfer

    I am currently working with company A ( FTE) . My wife and son ( US born on India visiting visa) is in India and got her visa stamped (H4) with company A and is expected to come back to USA in july. I received another FTE from Company B. Due to the fact that premium processing is stalled, I understand it might take 4-8 months for my H1B transfer to get approved. However, Company B wants me to start working in a month or so ( when ever I have the receipt of H1B from them). How can my wife enter USA if my H1B from company B is pending in July? ( She has a valid visa in her passport from Company A..but I will be no longer employed with that company when she is returning). *Unfortunately, She cant return earlier than july due to some personal reasons. *please advise how to proceed.*

    thank you !