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  • Visa Transfer posibility

    Hi Friends,

    I am from Indian and my H1B Visa application got picked up through Lottery , last year (2016). And now Visa got stamped and is valid upto October,2017.
    Unfortunately , the project has been delayed and now , there is no more opening for US in my company, who applied Visa for me.

    So, can experts over here , please advise :
    1. Can I apply for some other company now and can travel to US .
    2. What are the chances that my current employer will cancel my Visa and I will be in No men's land?
    3. I haven't traveled to US till now, so is it feasible to have Visa transferred , while being in India only.
    4. Can I apply for jobs in US , even after my Visa expires (i.e in Oct,2017) on my current petition(which might expire after 2-years, as it picked up in lottery during last year only).

    So, please advise, if there is any harm , that I can apply in some other company based on my current H1b and my current employee will create some issue.
    And chances , that , there will be no issues in the complete processing.