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H1 to H4 without paystubs

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  • H1 to H4 without paystubs

    Hello everyone,

    I am on H1B and my wife got her H1B on January 2017.
    She was looking for the job but didn’t get as mostly jobs are now demanding GC holders or US citizens. She was on H4 from January 2015 until she got her H1.
    Now, she wants to go back to H4 Visa because of some health issues but she doesn’t have paystubs. Her employer is also not ready to generate paystubs.

    So, now what are the options to get her back on H4?
    We both had stamping of June 2016 since then we are on H1 and H4 extension. Doctor advised her not to travel.
    My H1 extension is due in October 2017.

    What are the options we have? Please advise.