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Question about H1B visa stamping application/appointment in Tijuana, Mexico

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  • Question about H1B visa stamping application/appointment in Tijuana, Mexico

    Hi, my 1st H1B visa expired in July 2016, though my employer had applied for a renewal earlier in the same year with regular processing which was approved in September 2016 for the next 3 years. I am an Indian citizen and wanted to get my current Visa stamped on my Passport in the U.S. Embassy in Tijuana, Mexico.

    I did some reading online and had some questions:

    1. Do I need a Mexican Visa for the appointment to go into Mexico, given that my passport does not have my current U.S. H1B visa stamped. (I'm planning to go from San Ysidro by foot from the Border i.e. not flying or driving)

    2. How do I get the appointment? where do I start? I found this link: https://mx.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen...n-appointment/ , where I click on Tijuana, which takes me to this page: https://evisaforms.state.gov/acs/def...=TJN&appcode=1 . Here the only options for appointment are:
    a) Add visa pages to undamaged, valid U.S. passport. [Note: This service is no longer available.]
    b) Passport services other than adding pages.
    c) Report the birth abroad of a child of a U.S. citizen and/or apply for the childs first passport, Report of Birth and Social Security Number.
    d) Request notarial and other services not listed above.

    I think it might be option (b), but I am not confident. The U.S. Embassy page at https://mx.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/tijuana/ does not have specific information on this either. Where can I find the list of documents, etc? The links mentioned on pages just last year are invalid now: http://www.immihelp.com/experience/9...na-Mexico.html

    Has anyone done this in Tijuana recently? I'll be glad to get some help!
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