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URGENT - Need help with confirming my status per I94 date

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  • URGENT - Need help with confirming my status per I94 date


    My current I94 stamped recently on passport (April end) is valid only till 05/20/17. I do have a approved H1 extension till May 2020 (start date of 05/21/17).
    The firm that handles my companies Visa cases says that on 05/21/17 my last action date would automatically change and my I-94 dates would correspond to the bottom portion of new I797.

    Is that statement accurate? Reason I ask is because we are reading conflicting statements regarding the same on web with people saying that last action date changes only in case of COS (Change of Status)
    Does the same apply to the extension of status as well ?

    if not, I'll have to plan for my stamping immediately as I'll be out of status starting 05/20/17.

    During the most recent inbound travel (in states) my I94 was stamped only till 5/20 as the agent said that my new I797 details are not in their system yet (and won't be till 05/21).
    Hence they can't stamp it beyond 05/20/17 which kinda makes sense.

    thank you