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H1b - 221g - Delhi - Feb 6th - No Response on passport withdrawal

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  • H1b - 221g - Delhi - Feb 6th - No Response on passport withdrawal

    Hi Folks,

    I know the answer to my question is to just wait but just wanted to check if anybody has ever been in my situation.

    I had H1B visa interview on 6th Feb. got a 221g and the visa officer took all my documents and both our passports as well (me and my wife's).

    On 16th Feb received an email saying please submit client letter.

    On 30th March, I was able to submit an email from my client.

    Till date, I have not received any update on my case.

    On 25th April, I requested on [email protected] to return my passport keeping the case alive. The status of this request was updated to 'Escalated to Post' the very next day. But since, I have not heard anything from them.

    I stopped getting replies for any emails I sent to [email protected] after this.

    Does anybody else have any experience in such case - why the delay in giving passport back?

    P.S. I have talked to NVC @ *** 603 334 0888 and confirmed that to request passport I have to talk to [email protected] folks only. Before requesting passport - I had a query opened just to ask - How many days it would take and the answer was 2-3 days!


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    Update: Received email from ustraveldocs that the request has been forwarded to concerned office and "they" will reply back to me soon. Signed: Consular Information Unit, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi.

    The request has been closed!