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H1B stamping query

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  • H1B stamping query

    I have some questions related to my stamping of H1B visa.

    I have filed for Extension in 2015 and got the petition which is valid till July 2018 (Petition No. : 1234).

    Then I filed an amendment for different location (Petition No. 9876)and I got the visa stamped on it with validity till May 2017.

    Now I have filed the extension again and got the receipt notice(Petition: 456) in May 10 2017. I believe it will take another 6-7 months to get the petition.

    My question is if i need to travel to India after May 2017(under emergency situation), can I get my visa stamped based on petition no : 1234, which is valid till July 2018 as my visa and i94 is expiring on May 2017.

    Please advise,
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    H1B stamping query

    The best way is to ensure you have petition validity of 6 or more months whenever you want to plan for India travel and get it stamped there. Although you may want to check as well if you are eligible for dropbox or need to go through Interview process for stamping. Also make sure you carry all your old or new passport and they are also valid for 6 or more months at the time of stamping.